The Day The Adventures Began

It all started with a free camper.

I guess it all really started back in 2017 when we pulled an old trailer home after trading it for a bottle of vodka…

This camper was in rough shape, was dark and dingey but it was the first time we were able to call something ours, it was our first big project. We spent the entire summer tearing everything apart and putting it all back into place
 The funny part is, we never got around to camping in it. Instead it inspired a new project, a much bigger and more exciting project.

We decided that it was time to start looking into purchasing our first home, we spent 2 years saving and searching for the right place to call ours. We spent the first year alone just trying to find the right realtor. Just when we thought all was lost, June of 2019 we found it. It wasnt perfect, but it had potential. It’s a small house, around 900 square feet with a 20×23 garage, sitting on an acre of unutilized land surrounded by chokecherry trees and raspberry bushes….

By unutilized, I mean it was a hoarders paradise. There was anything and everything you could think of packed onto the property and inside the buildings. We honestly didn’t think the sellers would be able to clean it up intime for closing. Fortunately, with the help of our amazing realtor Ashley, and alot of back and forth, by the end of August 2019 we had the keys and the house was empty. It was ours, we did it, we had finally purchased our own home, our own space. Time to start dreaming of what it this place really could be!

If you’re in the market for your dream home, don’t stress. Yours is out there, it just might take a little digging to uncover it.

Lots of love! 


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