The Heartbreak of House Hunting

You know the saying ‘you’ll have your heart broken before you find true love’?

When we were on the hunt for our perfect fixer, we had placed offers on 3 other properties we thought were perfect. At the time, each one of those homes felt special. With each offer came a new issue.. a family member wants to buy the home, a higher offer comes through and a failed inspection. Although we felt defeated, we realised that each house was actually better than the last. That’s when we decided it was time to narrow our search. We knew now EXACTLY what we were looking for. 

We knew we wanted a home that wasn’t in the busy city. Our apartment was in the heart of it all and for us, that was too busy. We also knew we wanted a large lot. Somewhere we could grow an abundant garden, maybe house a few chickens and still have the space for a backyard. To us, those were the main two so we started looking at homes that fit exactly that. Even when the advertisement might not have been as appealing as you’d like…

That’s how we stumbled across the home we now live in. The ad showed only 4 pictures, all of which were very dark. The second we walked into the home, we felt it. Yes it needs work, but it has everything we need and everything we want. It’s not always easy to see through the paint colours or furnishings of the sellers, so my tip is to picture everything with a blank slate. White walls, no curtains on windows, feel how light and bright the room can be. Once it’s yours, that’s when the fun begins. You can turn your home into whatever you’d like because you’re the boss! 

We have an extensive list of renovations to do, and I’m incredibly excited to share with you everything we learn and accomplish along the way. Remember it’s not always about the end product, it’s about how you get there!

 I can’t wait to spruce this place up!

Lots of love, 


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