You Want to Live in The Country? Here Are 3 Things You Need Before You Move.

You Want to Live in The Country? Here Are 3 Things You Need Before You Move.

There’s a whole new generation of people looking to get more connected with the world around them. Whether thats through growing food on a Homestead, or living off grid in a country cottage, if you’re someone who’s looking to ditch the crowded city and enjoy some quiet time out in the country – these are 3 things you will definitely need.

1- A Fully Stocked Medicine Cabinet

I’m talking first-aid kits, cold and flu medicine, allergy pills, Tylenol, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, anything you know you use even on the odd chance once a year. When you live in the country, theres often not many pharmacies, and if you live somewhere lucky enough to have one, the hours of operation are not as convenient as in a large city. In the off chance that you’re like me and unlucky enough to get sick on a long weekend, it becomes an hour+ drive to town just to pick up Gravol.

2- An Emergency Plan

Living further away from a major city often means living further away from emergency services. Having a plan incase of emergency is a major necessity. Locate the closest hospital, fire department and police station and have a safe exit plan. Living in the country often means learning to be more self sufficient. Having an emergency plan in place will keep hiccups to a minimum if anything were to ever happen.

We recommend having a Nest Fire Alarm. The Nest alarm connects via wifi to the Nest App on your phone. The app will alert you incase of fire or carbon monoxide leaks wherever you are.

Get Your Nest Alarm Here

3- Roadside Emergency Kit

When you’re living down a dirt road, it can be hard to get help when your car gets stuck or breaks down. Having a roadside emergency kit is a little extra insurance that you will be able to get to where you need to go and in the event you can’t, have the necessary items to get by until help comes.

Things we include in our safety kits:

  • blanket
  • spare tire
  • hand warmers
  • gloves
  • road flare
  • first-aid kit

Stay safe, stay prepared and good luck on your journey!

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