DIY Egg Incubator – Hatching Duck Eggs Experiment

About a month ago now I got the crazy idea to try and build an egg incubator. I had seen several videos online and I needed to know for myself how accurate a homemade incubator could be.

Our Home-made incubator on day 0 with 12 free-run duck eggs and 2 dead eggs as a comparison. February 10, 2020

We built our incubator out of a clear rubbermade container, covered the bottom with insulation and added a basin for water. Next we used an older style 60w lightbulb for heat, and rested a room comfort monitor to record heat and humidity. Once it was ready we turned it on and ran it for a day. Pleasantly surprised the next night that it had maintained stable for 24 hours.

I bought duck eggs from a local homestead, she sold them to me as baking eggs and had no idea my intentions were to test the firtility of the eggs before investing a larger amount into hatching eggs.

By day 5, eight of the eggs showed signs of good embryo development. Almost like a red spider forming inside the yolk.

Developing duck embryo on day 3-5

We had one early quitter, which left us with 7 growing ducklings. Every morning, and every night I sprayed the eggs with water, and rotated them by hand. As I rotated each egg, I placed a small flashlight on the wide end to check development day by day.

February 18, 2020. 12 days into incubation.

By day 16, we we’re pretty confident that our DIY Incubator was Infact capable of growing duck embryos.

I’m still amazed at how fast the development happens, and how clearly you can see it by candling the eggs.

February 22, 2020. Eggs have been incubating for 16 days.

One week before the ducklings were scheduled to hatch, we figured we should be prepared. We spent the weekend getting organized and building our brooder. We posted a quick clip on YouTube showing what we decided to go with.

Today is March 7, we are 26 days into incubating our duck eggs and one has already pipped. So far I believe that I can confirm that building an incubator out of house hold material does infact work if you’re working with it.

Our duckling have survived 2 power outages, which caused me 2 days of excessive panic. But most of that is relieved seeing our first pip. I hope to be able to write an update soon.

First pip – March 7, 2020

If you’re interested in getting started with incubating eggs, but aren’t sure if you’re ready to make the commitment and invest in a good incubator, I suggest building your own. Like a science fair experiment, you might be amazed with the results.

Lots of love,


UPDATE: Can confirm – incubator successful

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