Laid Off Due To COVID-19 Our Ways to Keep Busy & Productive!

Currently, we’re in the middle of a global crisis that’s causing mass panic. Many people are struggling to take care of their health, or are out of work. There are so many reasons why we could say this is a bad time, but it can also be an opportunity for many of us.

I myself live where government has declared a state of emergency, all our non essential businesses have closed their doors and so many people are panicking. I find that most people I know are so upset about being stuck at home that they’ve closed their minds to all the things they could do to benefit their lives.

Keeping social distancing in mind, here’s our list of things we suggest trying to stay busy & productive during this time!

1 – Start those projects you’ve been putting off.

You’ve always wanted to paint the bedroom, or try those DIYs you’ve pinned. Now is the time to try! You have nowhere to be, so you don’t need to feel guilty about taking this time for yourself!

2 – Practice Self Care!

Take that extra long bath, put on that facemask and pop in a movie or 2! Try stretches or yoga to keep your body moving, and be nice to yourself.

3 – Try planting your own food!

Theres tones of edible plants that can be started and grown indoors, lettuce, herbs, even carrots can be grown indoors! It’s always rewarding to watch your hard work grow, and when paychecks aren’t coming in, growing food is a great way to save money!

4 – Spring Clean!

It is spring after all! Why not take this time to declutter your space and start fresh. Deep clean all those neglected spaces, go through the basement or garage. You will feel much better sitting in a space that doesnt overwhelm you, and feel accomplished now that you’ve knocked it off the to-do list!

5 – Incubating Eggs!

Most breeds of chickens hatch in 18 days time and eggs can be ordered online! Better yet, we’ve built an incubator from household items and put it to the test for you! Check out our DIY incubator blog to see how you can hatch your own chickens!

In the end, whatever you decide to do to stay busy, be sure to stay safe and stay healthy. We are all in this together and its going to take us all to beat it.

Stay positive, stay safe
Lots of love

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