Demo Time!

It’s Demolition Time!

It’s finally time, we are finally tearing up the old subflooring and tile in the house! I personally have been waiting for this day for months.

The day we took possession of the property, the first thing we did was take the drive out to tear out the gross old carpeting that was throughout the house. It wasn’t cohesive, the carpet didn’t match any thing else in the home, and they were old, worn out and tattered. We have been living here ever since and have never torn into anything else. We went into saving mode, we knew there was a lot to be done, and we couldn’t afford to do it all at once.

Our bedroom for on the first night after we tore the carpets out.

Now, I have had time to squirrel away some savings, piled with my tax return I was confident that the flooring and closet are finally projects we can afford to take on. It’s funny though, this whole thing started all because I was finally ready to paint our bedroom.

I started painting the bedroom one day while Alex was away at work, when he got home he suggested doing drywall repair on the ceiling and walls first – so that’s what we did. I spent a few days mudding and sanding and then finally painting the walls.

Once we took a step back we realized that the new paint and new ceiling made all the fixtures look worse than before. They suddenly seemed so ugly and they needed to be swapped out, which only in turn inspired us to just go all out and get our bedroom finished.

Bedroom with new light fixtures, and new paint beginning to tear out the floors.

This has gone from a simple bedroom remodel to a full-fledged flooring upgrade throughout our entire home. We plan to level out the flooring where it has moved over time, replacing the subflooring and finally laying a new floor.

Alex tearing the old flooring out, almost there!

We may never be able to say we own a mansion, but this home holds our blood, sweat and tears already. We have planned and executed our plans together, and we have grown with the house. As the house looks better, we’re learning how to work better as a team.

It’s a rewarding process to be able to build something with your family and see it come together. This is a moment I doubted I would be able to achieve and I plan to bask in the glory of watching my dreams unfold.

If you have ever doubted that you can afford a home, I promise its possible but only YOU can make that dream come true. It takes more than a lot of work and commitment to save up the money you need, but if you can afford 10$ a week in coffee, you can afford 10$ a week for your future.

I want you to know that I was scared too, I thought I couldn’t, I was financially scared, a college graduate, and student loans. What helped me was learning to balance my payments and to pay myself first.

Every payment I pay myself is a payment towards my future; money I worked for and can rely on. The balance may grow slowly but I promise you it gets to a point where it’s exciting to watch the balance grow. A point where you want to dump all your spare money into that savings account because you know you are so close to being able to buy that home, buy that car. It takes time, and work but I know that if I can do it, so can you.

Stay safe & stay focused
I believe in you


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