Small Victories and Future Goal’s. Homestead Hopeful

Our flock all grown up

When you think about your future what do you see?

For me, it’s pastures of green grass, cattle and ducks. It’s a old house in the middle of nowhere that I’ve turned into my own paradise. It’s retiring debt free to a home that provides me with more than shelter, it also provides the food and water I use to survive. Worry free and self sufficient.

I don’t think it matters where your journey starts, I think what matters are the steps you take today.

So if that means your goal is getting out and putting some tomatoes in a pot on your balcony or building a chicken coop in your back yard my advice is start today. When things go wrong along the way, you’re allowed to feel frustrated – but try and find the lesson worth learning. Use what you learn and try again – don’t give up. Every year you will learn what works best for you and your environment. I encourage you to take pictures of where you started so when you’re feeling down you can truly see how far you’ve come.

We started living together in a 2 bedroom apartment right off the core if the city. It was a busy street and we lived on the top floor so the first year we tried to grow small things such as lettuce and peas on the balcony. When we brought it up to the landlords we we’re given permission to tear into the back yard to create a small garden that slowly got bigger each year.

When we decided to buy our first home, we knew we wanted a place we could grow our own food, and somewhere along in our research we were hit by the homesteading bug.

We decided on a place out if town, sitting on just shy of an acre of land. Since we moved in at the end of August, we were able to harvest our veggies from the apartment garden and had a brand new kitchen to can them in. We discovered the raspberry plants and chokecherry trees surrounding the lot, and we preserved them too.

In February we decided to do an experiment, we wanted to see if you really can hatch eggs with a light bulb – turns out its true. 28 days later we hatched 4 ducklings. Which brings us to March.

March is when the coronavirus pandemic hit Canada – boarders and schools we’re closed, surgeries paused and toilet paper flew off the shelves. The mass panic going on around us concreted the homesteading goals. We were doing fine living below our means off one salary. So we did what any logical person would do next, we planted gardens and got ourselves 11 meat chickens!

We’re coming up on butchering our first batch of chickens, and we’ve already been able to harvest potatoes and onions from the garden. As I’m writing this, we are under a month away from one year being in our home. One year of lessons, one year of small victories. While most people have been unhappy with how 2020 has been going, I think it’s great to look back and count those small blessings. Because like I said in the beginning, it’s not about where your journey starts, its about what you can do today.

So what are you waiting for? I have faith you can reach your goals – one step at a time.

Life’s what you make it, don’t waste it.

Lots of love,

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