Our Adventures


Demo Time!

It’s Demolition Time! It’s finally time, we are finally tearing up the old subflooring and tile in the house! I personally have been waiting for this day for months. The day we took possession of the property, the first thing we did was take the drive out to tear out the gross old carpeting that […]

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The Day The Adventures Began

It all started with a free camper. I guess it all really started back in 2017 when we pulled an old trailer home after trading it for a bottle of vodka… This camper was in rough shape, was dark and dingey but it was the first time we were able to call something ours, it […]

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We’re getting Chickens!!

It’s February, and that means Spring is right around the corner! Spring means new growth, new flowers and new babies! This year we’ve decided that we want to raise chicks and I couldn’t be more thrilled.Before we can bring the little chickies home, we need to get a few things in order. First things first, […]

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Moving Day!…. Almost

I can’t speak for every first-time homebuyer, but when we purchased our home it was filthy. As mentioned before, the property was a hoarders paradise. When we went to the viewing, there were cars, hottubs, motor parts, boats, metal siding and old foundations all through the yard. So needless to say, the day we got […]

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The Heartbreak of House Hunting

You know the saying ‘you’ll have your heart broken before you find true love’? When we were on the hunt for our perfect fixer, we had placed offers on 3 other properties we thought were perfect. At the time, each one of those homes felt special. With each offer came a new issue.. a family […]

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